Team Member
I think, in life just like at work, there are a number of aims that must be reached and to achieve them a spirit of sacrifice and dedication are necessary; I consider a collaborative spirit at work essential. A company ambition: to manage to create the "perfect team". I never settle, I think that there is always a way to improve as a person and as a professional; I don't like when rules aren't followed. I find open spaces and contact with nature relaxing; I'm particularly fond of the mountains and ski mountaineering.
Andrea Lagomarsini
Purchasing Director
Team Member
I learned to love the beauty of physics from my dad, and it was natural for me to choose a scientific educational path, which led me to take on responsibility for the company's technical management and R&D. I inherited my artistic spirit from my mother and developed it by studying piano and composition. The merging of these two aspects of my personality has taught me that both at work and in my personal life, every day is a new journey, to feel and evoke emotions.
Gianpietro Pacinotti
R&D and Technical Director
Team Member
After University I wanted to become a maths teacher, but life has taken me elsewhere.
Logic and consistency are my main characteristics. I'm loyal and strong-willed.
I love to experiment with new flavours and combinations in the kitchen.
Hugs from my child make me melt.
Fiamma Filippone
Commercial & Marketing Director
Team Member
I'm demanding and direct, I love rules, but I can be flexible if necessary.
I'm creative, practical and sporty. I think of myself first and foremost as a mother.
Nicoletta Volpato
HR Director
Team Member
I believe in the importance of doing things with commitment, honesty and respect for people, both at work, and in life.
I love the mountains, sports, music and spending as much quality time as possible with loved ones.
Marco Paesan
Production Director
Team Member
My working life is totally dedicated to sales and helping customers. I think that people can be assessed just by looking at their past.
I'm interested in traveling. I have the utmost respect for the family.
Alberto Baroni
Special Projects Commecial Responsible
Team Member
I love logic above all else, I try to solve problems.
I'm an art lover and a biker who cooks.
Maurizio De Benedetti
Quality Assurance & ICT Manager
Team Member
I like novelties, and I'm still curious to learn new things.
This feature helps me in my work when I'm searching for solutions.
I have pleasant memories of the 80s. Keeping physically fit is important to me, so I devote myself to this with passion in the gym.
Massimiliano La Corte
R&D and Mechanical Project Manager
Team Member
I face every situation with personality and character and I try to put my optimism and my good mood in the challenges of everyday life.
I like teamwork, I can be altruistic and helpful, but I expect honesty and respect from everyone.
I love spending time in the company of my friends and the people I care most about.
I live happily together with Chiara and our son Edoardo.
Alessandro Omodeo Zorini
Mechanical Production Responsible
Team Member
I'm precise, organised, determined and persevering and I would like others to behave likewise.
I like to play with my children, I love listening to good music with good headphones.
Mario Lamarte
Senior Sales & Technical Manager Italy
Team Member
I strongly believe in human relationships. I am determined but always fair. I love books, art exhibitions, movies and music: not just a way to relax but also inspiration for my personal growth. Visiting new countries and meeting their culture help to broaden my views. Nothing is more satisfying than convivial moments with friends, savouring great food and a glass of good wine.
Rossana Camporeale
Export Sales Manager
Team Member
I'm curious, creative and methodical.
I'm an animal lover.
I like to travel in my spare time and music is my passion.
Stefano Cottarelli
Sales & Spare Parts Country Responsible
Team Member
Ho una buona autostima, pur consapevole dei miei limiti. Mi piace confrontarmi con gli altri, nel rispetto dei diversi punti di vista. Sono educato, pacato ma esigente.
Convivo felicemente con Silvia e i nostri due bambini, Andrea e Riccardo.
Carmelo Campana
Mechanical Project Assistant
Team Member
I'm cheerful, sociable, generous and consistent. I'm mad about chocolate, I like to cook.
I'm the happy and contented mother of Chiara, I love my life and all my loved ones.
Silvia Cama
Logistics & Purchasing Responsible